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Minus Tide Vineyards Abalone

All of the vineyards that we work with reside in Mendocino County, a region on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean that is laden with redwood trees, vineyards, apple orchards, and sheep pastures. It is an idyllic, rustic, and often rugged area, with an incredible diversity of growing regions and microclimates. Many of the vineyards here are remote and tucked-away gems, bursting with possibility.

We work with vineyards that are farmed organically and sustainably. While each site is uniquely its own, they all capture elements of the region that we love—distinctiveness, high natural acidity, intensity of flavor, and cool-climate balance. We strive to express the beauty and character of these special sites in our wines.

Feliz Creek Vineyard Minus Tide Wines

Feliz Creek Vineyard // Hopland, Mendocino County AVA

In a protected, tucked-away pocket of Hopland sits Feliz Creek Vineyard, which is owned by Wendy Fetzer. Comprised of head-trained Carignan vines originally planted in 1908, this is a cooler site in a warm area. Because the vineyard is dry farmed, the vines have developed deep root systems, which result in low yields and allow the fruit to achieve intense, concentrated flavor at low Brix. More reminiscent of trees than vines, Feliz Creek Vineyard produces a delicious, rustic, and restrained expression of Carignan.


Valenti Vineyard Minus Tide Wines

Valenti Vineyard // Mendocino Ridge AVA, Mendocino

The south-facing Valenti Vineyard lies at elevations of 1,300-1,600 ft., 6 miles from the coast. Planted in 1998, this vineyard made us fall in love with cool-climate California Syrah. The perfect site for Syrah, Valenti’s cooling coastal winds enable the grapes to ripen slowly and at lower Brix, producing wines of complexity, vibrancy, and balance. The classic pepperiness that is such a signature of the Syrah from this site can even be tasted in the grapes themselves.

Syrah clones: Durell, Chave

Manchester Ridge Vineyard Minus Tide Wines

Manchester Ridge Vineyard // Mendocino Ridge AVA, Mendocino

Perched on a ridgetop at 2,000 ft. in elevation and just 3.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean sits the stunning Manchester Ridge Vineyard, which was planted in 2003. Standing at the edge of the site, with the vineyard behind you and the sea ahead, you can actually hear the waves rolling in and out down at the beach in the town of Manchester. Despite the close proximity to the coast, there is enough sun to ripen the grapes because the vineyard lies above the fog line. Yielding small clusters of approximately 2 tons per acre, this dry-farmed vineyard produces grapes with intense flavor and excellent natural acidity.

Pinot Noir clone: 115
Chardonnay clone: 76

Perli Vineyard Minus Tide Wines

Perli Vineyard // Mendocino Ridge AVA, Mendocino

Fondly referred to as the “Potato Patch” by grower Steve Alden, the Syrah block of the dry-farmed Perli Vineyard is perched at elevations reaching 2,100 feet and is 18 miles from the coast. Steve planted Perli Vineyard in 1999, and he quickly became a beloved pioneer of the unique Mendocino Ridge appellation, which encompasses vineyards on the coastal Mendocino mountain range that are at least 1,200 feet in elevation.


Buddha's Dharma Vineyard // Talmage, Mendocino County AVA

Originally planted in 1944, Buddha’s Dharma is a 76-year-old vineyard located in the Talmage region on the eastern edge of the Ukiah Valley. With sandy loam soils, this unique site is organically dry farmed. It is owned by the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas, a Buddhist monastery, and sits on a west-facing gradual slope. 

Chenin Blanc

Alder Springs Vineyard Minus Tide Wines

Alder Springs Vineyard // Laytonville, Mendocino County AVA

Farmed by renowned winegrower Stuart Bewley, Alder Springs Vineyard is like no other vineyard in California. Located 12 miles from the coast, and without another vineyard near it for miles, this steep vineyard sits at elevations ranging from 1,700 to 2,700 ft. It is farmed meticulously at one cluster per shoot, resulting in wines with great concentration and complexity. The marine influence keeps the nighttime temperatures cool, helping to retain natural acidity in the grapes. Thanks to Stuart’s pioneering decision to plant a vineyard on a remote, high-altitude hillside in the northerly town of Laytonville, the prestige of this site helped lead to the recognition of Mendocino as a world-class winegrowing region.

Malbec clone: 598